Today, Friday, May 28, 2021, We are Indonesian workers which consolidated in Indonesian Muslim Workers Movement (GPMI) held solidarity action at United Nations office, American and French Embassies.

Issues in Palestine will not able to resolve if Israel does not stop its military offensive.

Suffering of Palestinian peoples today will always exist and will only be resolved if Israel leaves and returns any lands they’ve took from Peoples of Palestine.

Israel previously never existed on Palestine even on the world map. However, since 1947 Palestinian lands have been gradually deprived by Israel up to day.

Therefore we are Indonesian workers, based on Indonesian 1945’s constitution and basic principle of humanity and social justice for all mankind, calling for:

1. To all workers, society and Indonesian Government of Indonesia to never stop providing support for the struggle of Palestinian peoples until freedom of Palestine, and Israel leaves and returns any land was seized from Palestinian peoples.

2. Urge United Nations to impose strict sanctions on Israeli occupation and for their military attacks that killed thousands of Palestinians.

United Nations need to ensure opening of all blockade and access to Palestine so humanitarian aid for Palestinian people can be entered and distributed.

3. Urge any states who support Israeli occupation of Palestine especially United States and French governments to stop all of their support to Israeli occupation.

4. International community to isolate Israel who already destroyed world peace and order.


Best regards,
Presidium of Indonesian Muslim Workers’ Movement

Riden Hatam Azis
Presidium Coordinator
0812 8618 364

Contact Person
Sabda Pranawa Djati
0811 2021 010


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